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Welcome I plant selling graphite electrode models: RPHPUHP    EDi is willing to hold you the bridge of your success!

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About Us

Shanghai YiDi Precise Machinery Co.,Ltd. (formerly XinRui carbon factory) Shanghai sales department, our factory is located in the China northern carbon production base, the western pillow traffic big arteries the Jing - guang railroad, 107 national highway and Beijing hong kong And Macao highway, the traffic is very convenient, is the China northern carbon production base and even the Hebei province scale maximum high - end graphite product production enterprise.
Our company sells a variety of graphite products, such as 200mm - 1,400mm RPHPUHP Graphite Electrode and so on. The Graphite Electrode has high volume density, high compressive strength, low resistivity and strong oxidation resistance. The samples of the product quality are tested by the national carbon material testing center, all of which reach the standard of Yb / t 4088 - 2000, Yb / t - 2000, Yb / t - 2000.

[ green production ]
Attention to environmental protection and governance, industrial dust emission concentration to meet the national standard, asphalt flue gas all incineration system incineration and harmless treatment, the production of water all the recycling, domestic sewage by biochemical treatment for the water for green cleaning. The company plant green area in 2017 has reached 35%, the plant air conditioning and noise reduction played a good role.

[ application field ]
Mainly used for arc furnace, mine hot electric furnace, resistance furnace and so on.

[ enterprise spirit ]
Will always adhere to the " quality, loyalty to customers, integrity world" business philosophy, to provide the best quality products and services for customers at home and abroad!

[ development strategy ]
Dig deep industry customers, attract outstanding talents, optimize product structure, upgrade product grade, promote enterprise information construction and professional management and management level, and build China's first-class professional carbon products production enterprise.

[ attentively culture ]
Mission: to bring more value to our customers
Vision: become the domestic first-class professional carbon products production enterprise
Core values: customer for respect, integrity, product perfect, team collaboration

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