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What is a graphite electrode?

What is a graphite electrode?

Graphite electrode, mainly in petroleum coke, needle coke as raw material, coal tar pitch as a binder, calcined, ingredients, mixed kneading, pressure, roasting, graphitization, machining and made in the arc furnace in the form of arc Electric energy on the charge heating and melting of the conductor, according to its quality indicators can be divided into ordinary power, high power and ultra-high power. Mainly used for arc steel furnace, mineral heating furnace, resistance furnace, etc., steel graphite graphite electrode about the total amount of 70% to 80%.

Artificial graphite electrode is an indispensable material in the production of electric arc furnace steel, its excellent conductivity and extraordinary thermal shock resistance. In general, carbon is produced by carbonized mixed coking substances and has a binding force of 1000 degrees Celsius in a roasting furnace.

Graphite Electrode

When the carbon is graphitized on an electric furnace at 3000 degrees Celsius, the amorphous body will exhibit a crystalline stone the structure of ink. This is the so-called graphite. The carbon material is usually impregnated and re-roasted prior to graphitization to enhance electrical and mechanical properties.

Graphite has high thermal conductivity and good thermal conductivity and conductivity low thermal expansion

Appropriate cutting performance These features make the graphite electrode the most suitable material, in the form of arc energy melting slag, iron slag and so on.

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