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Welcome I plant selling graphite electrode models: RPHPUHP    EDi is willing to hold you the bridge of your success!

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HP Graphite Electrode

RP graphite electrodes

The high power graphite electrode body uses the high quality petroleum coke produced by PetroChina Fushun petrochemical company, the needle coke and medium temperature modified asphalt as raw materials, which are made of high power graphite electrode, such as calcining, blending, kneading, pressing, pressing, roasting, high pressure impregnation, second roasting, graphitization, machining and so on.Welcome to visit the negotiations.My mail: sh-edi@couplingsnet.com,Mr.Li


Product Advantages  


Compared with similar products on the market, EDi graphite products-HP high power graphite electrode more advantages:
1. High production efficiency
2. Good electrical conductivity, low consumption
3. electrode, the connector is not easy to break, broken
4. Good heat resistance, the surface is not easy to peel off, not easy to block
5. Long life, reliable performance

Physical and chemical indexes  
Standard for HP graphite electrodes and joint products
Standard for HP graphite electrodes and joint products
HP graphite electrode allows current load

HP graphite electrode allows current load


Pre-purchase Notice  


1. Main factors affecting graphite electrode maintenance?
Answer: we should check the physical and chemical indicators before ordering the graphite electrodes. We can not only use the cheap ones, but I should pay special attention to them. First, the density of the graphite electrode, the higher the density,
The longer you use it. Compared with the density of 1.55 and 1.60, the experiment proved that the latter was nearly double the former. Secondly, the specification of graphite electrode is developed. The general said
The material layout control of the graphite electrode determines the length of its service life.

2. How long does the graphite electrode work?
Answer: domestic order, delivery time 7 working days; Foreign trade order, processing, handling of dual-use items and technology export license, the delivery cycle of 15-20 working days.

3. Graphite electrode price?
Answer: the graphite-electrode situation is volatile and needs to be quoted on the basis of the current market quotation: domestic customer orders, foreign trade FOB price.

4. Why are some manufacturers UHP graphite electrodes cheaper than you?
Answer: buying graphite electrodes is not cheap! China has a saying: "adept guard the entrance dilettante watch the scene of bustle," meaning: graphite electrode industry knows, acquisition of graphite electrode of incomplete, some factory used graphite electrode through secondary processing and sell cheap, and some factory can at low type can replace high type, can achieve the physical and chemical index, different is the import of needle coke and other ingredients proportion far short of UHP graphite electrode production requirements.

5.Which high power graphite electrode is good?
Answer: there are many manufacturers of HP Graphite Electrode in China. Famous manufacturers such as Shanghai YiDi Graphite Products (E-mail: sh-edi@couplingsnet.com)

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